Your dedicated partner in delivering custom dock and door solutions to fit the needs of retailers nationwide.

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In retail, there is constant wear and tear on your docks and doors. All day long customers are coming in and out of your store’s front automatic doors and employees are accepting deliveries in the back at the loading dock. With all this movement, it is essential to keep doors and docks properly maintained for safety, security, and to minimize the potential risk for injury.

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DH Pace is trusted by some of the largest national retailers.

Whether it is a department store, warehouse store, or superstore, DH Pace provides solutions to the industry’s most common issues, and offers custom solutions to improve all aspects of your store’s docks and doors.

Retail Door Service

A Team You Can Trust

DH Pace is more than a door provider. DH Pace is a trusted partner to manage the needs for national multi-location retailers for the entire lifecycle of their docks and doors. From planning, to implementation, to maintenance, DH Pace creates customized solutions utilizing materials from all the top manufacturers.

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From the revolving door to the rolling door, when you are ready for superior service from a dedicated team of professionals on call every hour of the day, look no further than DH Pace.

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