The DH Pace National Accounts Group is a vital element in the growth potential of the company.

People With A Purpose

Purpose is what our Employees bring to the table! Pace employees are the first to say, “We work hard, share the passion for going above and beyond and we do make a difference.”  If you are enthusiastic, intrinsically motivated and committed to excellence in all you do and say, please consider joining the DH Pace Team! We build great teams with great people and the leadership at DH Pace trusts our employees to make a difference in the communities we live and work. We are customer centric, so hiring people who embrace customer service with the common goal of gaining new business and servicing existing customers is always at the forefront of our recruiting efforts.

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Attributes of Successful Team Members




Service Oriented




To enhance the lives of people by improving the safety, security, convenience, and aesthetics of the buildings where they live, work, and play.


To invest a portion of our time, talent, and financial resources towards improving the lives of people in need; supporting the communities we serve; protecting the environment we share; and providing a better future for the next generation.

Value Statements


Treating everyone we encounter with consideration.


Honest and ethical behavior in everything we say and do.


Building relationships, discovering needs, and providing superior solutions.


Continuous improvement through learning, sharing, teamwork, and a common purpose.